The Ascension…

I must admit that the experience I had scared me to death. I couldn’t believe my eyes with what I saw, but I could trust my eyes that it was real. The unimaginable had happened to me…the supernatural.

Before this amazing experience I had no clue about the mind blowing encounter the supernatural life I am living would reveal.

It all began with Me closely reading the Bible aloud. I was so intrigued by what I was reading that before I knew it I’d read three Books from the Bible aloud. I started with The Book of Judges, then The Book of Numbers (the suggestion of my Mom to Me before she passed), and last The Book of Isaiah. I had reached a point of exhaustion and decided to retire when I saw the unthinkable. It was an awesome sight of what looked like atomic particles that came together and formed a celestial vision of a complete and perfect compilation of grid-shaped oblong squares. I could see the bend in the middle which gave the image dimension. I was completely shocked, confused, and afraid of what I saw, at first. Then I became completely engulfed with a warm feeling of comfort and safety. I instantly knew that something special happened to me and I became so excited that I thought I was going to explode. That moment, as I would later discover through countless hours of research, was my moment of regeneration or ascension into the Law of One.

This experience has driven my research and fed my hunger to see and learn more about God as my Savior, Source, and Supply. To show thanks to The Almighty Creator I have created this website to inform others of information I’ve acquired through my studies.

May peace be with you all on your journey and always remember…God loves you and so do I.