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This site was inspired by an unexpected and supernatural experience in my life that changed my perspective on the world around me forever, the passing of my mother. Life became very challenging at this time and I experienced what’s called “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Tremendous suffering was endured. My health was failing and I had no one to turn to. I felt completely alienated within my own skin. I had no choice but to surrender, providing no resistance to my situation. This taught self-reliance, discipline, and compassionate caring for my self.

Mindful observation through meditation, enabled me to discover a whole new outlook on the way I viewed life and myself. Taking a little time out of the day to center your inner thoughts and emotions with the art of quieting the mind is essential to healing. Awaken your calm. It has certainly helped me, and this is the reason I am sharing with you.

Giveallthanks.net is designed to inspire and encourage whoever is in need of an uplifting word or support. The information posted on this site is dedicated to thought provoking articles and discussions to generate ideas to help you through life’s obstacles. Be encouraged, for you are not alone out there. Be bold, be brave, be patient, be centered, and resilient. Most importantly, remember…God loves you and so do I.

With Love,