What is love?
Should I remain not knowing, or pursue my curiosity?
Why love?

To be accepted. To be recognized. To be acknowledged. To feel emotions.

Work is love.
Love is work.
Love has no boundaries.
I know this for sure.

Love has no enemies, I say…
I do know love, don’t I?
Whenever I think about it, I envision butterflies gracefully gliding over perfumed fields of flowers.
Such a sight!

But, love has no color. Why you ask?
Because God doesn’t either.
God is love.

Love is eternal. Everlasting. Shapeless.

So, why love do you choose me?
I am busy with wine to drink.
I have a family to tend to.

Lord, capture this feeling for me because I cannot.
It’s too overwhelming to endure.
I will be better away from love, won’t I?

Love can be inconsiderate and judgemental at times.
I must face love, though.
What should I do with this? Can someone tell me?

I do need love…

It is relevant, it makes me feel emotions, it makes me accountable, it makes me humble.