What is love?
The beauty of not knowing…
Insecure is love.
Why love?
To be accepted. To be recognized. To be acknowledged. To feel.
Work is loved.
Love is work.
Love has no boundaries, I know this for sure.
Love has no enemies, I say…

But, I do know love.
Whenever I think about it, I see butterflies fluttering about a vast and gorgeous field of flowers.
Purple and Gold…

But, love has no color.
Why Babe? Because God doesn’t either.

Love is eternal. Everlasting. Shapeless.

So why do you choose me?
I am busy; I have wine to drink.
I have a family to tend to.

Lord, capture this feeling.
Love feels amazing.

So, why do I feel that I would be better far away from love?
I treat love as inconsiderate, judgemental even.
I must face this, though…

What shall I do with it?
Can someone tell me?
I don’t know what to do with this love on my own.

Fear is irrelevant when love is present.
Love is alive.
Love is living.
Love is inevitable because when it happens, you will be consumed.
Embrace the ride.


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