Welcome to www.giveallthanks.net…I’m glad you’re here!

As you continue along on your journey, I’d like to encourage you to take an honest look at yourself. The information on this site consists of content that is very special to me. It represents ideas and practices that have found to be helpful, so I decided to share it with you! My goal is to use the unique content provided here in order to inspire you.

“The Indian doctor and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra describes life as a series of scenes revealing themselves; in every moment, we decide where to place our attention. Focusing on negative, painful, troubling events can become habitual. It takes discipline to raise our gaze; look away from our accustomed pain, anxiety, and worries; and truly see the world through different eyes.” -Trauma Stewardship (2009)

Learning requires insight. Insight supports understanding. Understanding drives acceptance. Acceptance creates change. When we improve our thinking, we improve our life. Transformational things can happen with an enlightened, heightened, and sovereign approach toward life and living.

I know that life can be unfair and even unbearable at times. Sometimes it drags us and destroys our motivation and spiritual well-being. When this does happen, remember that you are not alone. Take some time for reflection, connection, and revisiting with yourself. Don’t allow life’s challenges to defeat you and toss you around like waves…be reminded of what matters, embrace your life experiences, learn from them, and learn how to ride those waves!

I like to use waves as a metaphor for life. Just as the waves are, so is life; robust. bold, rushing, magnificent. Waves are also vast and mighty, so your perspective should be similar. Always be sure to remain open-minded, young-at- heart. and be continuously led with love as your guide in everything you do…and remember…Give All Thanks!

– Brittren387butterfly, Webmaster

1 Thessalonians 5:18
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.